New Thracian Gold

New Thracian Gold (NTG) is a Bulgarian-Dutch project for a greener future of the Eastern Rhodopes. The main objective is to develop sustainable initiatives which promote and combine organic farming, nature restoration and ecotourism.  The five-year project started in 2009 and  is financed by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the biggest charity lottery in the Netherlands.  Dutch and Bulgarian experts on ecotourism, sustainable development, biodiversity/wildlife, organic farming, PR/communication participate in the project and their three main areas of focus are: wilderness and biodiversity, organic agriculture and sustainable tourism.   III WEBSITE III

ARK Nature and Rewilding Europe

ARK Nature is one of the founding partners of Rewilding Europe and it is involved together with Rewilding Europe in many joint actions and initiatives. ARK Nature is an innovative nature conservation organization, based in The Netherlands, that aims to demonstrate in practice how changes in society can provide new opportunities for nature and landscape. Rewilding Europe brings a new conservation vision for Europe, with wild nature and natural processes as its key elements, where rewilding is applicable to any type of landscape or level of protection.  Treating nature as something that is fully capable of taking care of itself, if given the opportunity to do so.  This concept could become the main management principle for many natural areas in the future. Just let nature take care of itself.  III WEBSITE III