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Adolfo Camarillo on a Camarillo White Horse

Adolfo Camarillo on a Camarillo White Horse


Thank you! With our Seed and Spark crowdfunding campaign, two generous private donations and the support of the Ventura County Community Foundation, you helped us raise enough funds to finish “Stallion of a Dream”.

This upcoming film covers the history, mythology and the current legacy of the distinctive Camarillo White Horses and the Camarillo family through dramatic footage, interviews, archival movies and recreations, reaching into the broader stories and themes of California, all shot in a cinematic and compelling one hour documentary capturing the very essence of what it is to be Californian.


“Stallion of a Dream” is the story of the Camarillo Family and their unique and historic influence on what was once a raw and rugged swathe of land in Southern California.  In this documentary film, the story of Adolfo Camarillo, his vision and innovation is to be told as a quintessential story of California, from our roots in Spain and Mexico to our ranching traditions and the mythology of our collective “California dream”.   Camarillo’s pride, and arguably, most distinct living legacy, was the Camarillo White Horse. Steeped in mythology, and having undergone it’s own near-extinction, the tumultuous story of the Camarillo White Horse and the inevitable questions of its future reflect colorful themes of identity, custom, pride, and cultural heritage.  

The White Horse has ties to internationally known California institutions like the Rose Parade and Old Spanish Days Fiesta.  They opened the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, as well as the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.  The horses were famously ridden by celebrities and presidents, and appeared in Cecil B. Demille’s The Crusades, one of Hollywood’s finest epics. 
Like our other work, this film will build cultural bridges, rally awareness and connect people with their unique histories and ritual heritage.  PBS SoCal has expressed interest in the final production, as the subject matter is a great fit for their audience.  They described it as an “ambitious project”, one which we believe their viewers will be excited to see.