Path to Glory DVD


Path to Glory DVD

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For horse and history aficionados, this 2-DVD set the extended Directors' Cut of the film with a second disc containing over 2 hours of bonus material.

"This story of the Polish Arabian horse is a direct reflection of the history of Poland itself, an inspirational and incredibly moving tale of indomitable courage and ardent devotion" - Scott Benjamin

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Love & War
A fast paced, fun and surprising companion piece with many featured interviewees from all corners of the Arabian Horse World, all answering 2 pivotal, burning questions: 1) Who is your favorite Polish Arabian horse? And 2) If you had to ride into battle tomorrow, what Polish Arabian would you choose? 

A Conversation with Scott Benjamin
An intimate and enlightening conversation with Scott Benjamin, renowned Arabian horse expert and former handler at Michalow State Stud as he answers a myriad of questions and shares his personal stories from his many years in Poland. 

A Conversation with Wayne Newton
An interview with Mr. Las Vegas showcasing his deep and abiding passion for the Polish Arabian Horse and his many years as a breeder with a program based on Polish lines. Funny anecdotes and personal stories of his long career with some of the greatest Polish horses the world has ever known. 

A Conversation with Roman Pankiewicz
A rare interview with the last Polish State Stud Director of the generation that lived through World War II. With English subtitles, this intimate portrait shows a man who has lived his life for the Polish Arabian and with great personal experience with legendary horses known by most only in history books. His thoughtful insight and wicked sense of humor will delight the viewer. 

The Inimitable George Z.
An interview with Jerzy Zbeszewski, aka George Z, an institution in the world of the Polish Arabian horse in Poland, the US and around the globe. George’s opinions and great knowledge abound. 

Behind the Scenes
A short, tongue-twisting, mud-slinging, harmony-singing look at the making of Path to Glory.

Disk One Running Time: 2:10
Disk Two Running Time: Bonus Features
Content Rating: GA (General Audience)
DVD Region: All Regions
Media Format: NTSC-DVD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Language(s): English
Copyright - Horsefly Films

As passionate filmmakers, storytellers and great lifelong admirers of the Arabian horse, creating this film has been a unique labor of love. For us, the connection between the human and the horse has always been inherently interesting - an almost mythical bond in which horses allow us a relationship, carrying us forth, imbuing us with their power as if we had wings. That union is larger than life and inspires us in our work, to always strive to capture that magic on film. The Polish Arabian horse and the moving image are a match made in heaven - their beauty, their movement, grace and bravery - no other horse is so tailor-made for the alchemy that is filmmaking. The Polish story epitomizes man’s story with the horse over generations, and with Path to Glory we strove to capture that stretch back through history. For the ever-humble Poles, the Arabian is now ‘their’ horse, their country’s national treasure, forged through the fires of wars and constant rebuilding. Path To Glory was born out of our intense desire to share this uniquely Polish story with people everywhere.