The Skyrian Horse Society

The aims of the Society are to record genealogical data, maintenance of the stud book and to ensure a pedigree is developed for the Skyrian horse. The Society collaborates with "Amaltheia" (the Greek branch of the Save Foundation) and with the "Greek Society for Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage". The Society is funded by the Ministry of Agricultural Development, by its members' annual subscriptions, and by donations. They have also developed a program for "adopting" Skyrian horses, whereby a considerable part of the horse's expenses are covered. III WEBSITE III

Skyros Island Horse Trust - Katsarelias Simpson Stud

Helping the Skyrian horse through conservation, education and welfare initiatives. 

Amanda Simpson and Stathis Katsarelias are dedicated to preserving the Skyrian Horse. Based on the island of Skyros they are undertaking a breeding program to increase the numbers of pure-bred horses on the island. They are also involved in rescuing abused animals and helping locals care for their own horses and raise awareness for the plight of the Skyrian Horse.  They run education projects such as their Natural horsemanship summer seminars and open days introducing basic natural horsemanship skills to children with the Skyrian horses.  Working with volunteers, their long term goal is to see the re-establishment of a herd of wild pure-bred Skyrian Horses on the Island of Skyros.  III FACEBOOK III

Skyrian Horses, GB

Their mission is to contribute to the preservation of the Skyrian Horse breed and to provide a source of horses for children's mounts, driving and companion animals. They have introduced a number of animals to areas all over Scotland and Ireland. Skyrian horses are small equines with wonderfully quiet and biddable temperaments, but also quirky and amusing personalities. Widely considered by all who have met one to be one of the friendliest horse breeds around.

These horses are fantastic fun, and they aim to spread the word!    III FACEBOOK III

The Silva Project

The Silva Project is a non-profit organization located in Kerkyra Corfu, Greece which is dedicated to preserving the Skyrian horse. This volunteer based charity has a riding school, is involved in the rescuing of abused animals and owns an organic kiwi farm. They offer “adoption” opportunities in order to support their program. III WEBSITE III


A family run organization near Larissa on the mainland of Greece.  They are seeking to raise awareness through education and school visits and preserve this unique breed of horse as part of Greek heritage.   III GREEK BLOG III  

Mouries Farm - Skyrian Horse Conservation Centre  

Mouries Farm is a breeding centre on the island of Skyros whose goal is to help save the endangered Skyrian horse.  They also work with volunteers and demonstrate the ancient threshing techniques with the horses.  III FACEBOOK III