The Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust  is a cinematic library dedicated to exploring diverse cultures, rare equine breeds and unique stories centered around the horse.  

Using film as a tool to engage new audiences, the film series captures the beauty, history and fragile position of equines and vanishing equestrian cultures and establishes a necessary and compelling film folio for equine enthusiasts, cultural historians and general audiences.

The Trust's films are being used to rally awareness, build cultural bridges and connect societies with their unique and often endangered equine and ritual heritage.  ENGAGEMENT 

Our fervent hope is this ongoing film library will contribute to an epic cinematic record that can help transmute these fragile and threatened horse cultures into national treasures to be cherished by local communities and venerated by those of us further afield.   

Despite modern technology making horses obsolete for many, the debt to history remains. From the sword to the plowshare, horses are an integral part of who we are, of who we became, and it is our duty to preserve that bond.

Using the equine as a central focus on humankind's saga brings into sharp focus our agrarian and warlike histories, our spiritual connections and the ongoing battle to preserve our unique heritage in the face of rapid globalization.   If you wish to make a contribution toward the ongoing production of these films, please DONATE here.  

Horses of Mustang, Nepal

Horses of Mustang, Nepal


The Rare Equine Trust films explore the underlying and utterly unique relationship between man and horse. 

As mankind built civilizations on the backs of horses through transport, warfare and agriculture, we owe our victories, our survival, our enriched culture to the noble horse.  

There are many equine breeds close to extinction, and without the help of a dedicated few, this valued bond between humankind and horse is sure to be lost.  

Horsefly Films believes that it can help highlight the precarious position of many of these breeds and the people who are trying to save them by bringing their unique histories to the screen.

For over seven years Horsefly Films has been successfully promoting horses and other businesses worldwide.  They have done extensive work for the historic Polish State Studs and produced many promotional films for clients with world-class horses, as well as training videos and national commercials.  Alongside work for private clients, they developed the Rare Equine Trust to produce documentary films which celebrate the unique history of mankind and the equine.