The unlikely triumphant saga of the illustrious

horses that are a Polish National treasure

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As passionate filmmakers, storytellers and great lifelong admirers of the Arabian horse, creating this film has been a unique labor of love. For us, the connection between the human and the horse has always been inherently interesting - an almost mythical bond in which horses allow us a relationship, carrying us forth, imbuing us with their power as if we had wings. That union is larger than life and inspires us in our work, to always strive to capture that magic on film. The Polish Arabian horse and the moving image are a match made in heaven - their beauty, their movement, grace and bravery - no other horse is so tailor-made for the alchemy that is filmmaking. The Polish story epitomizes man’s story with the horse over generations, and with Path to Glory we strove to capture that stretch back through history. For the Polish, the Arabian is now ‘their’ horse, their country’s national treasure, forged through the fires of wars and regeneration. "Path To Glory" was born out of our intense desire to share this uniquely Polish story with people everywhere.

It is debatable whether Sophie and Jen are horsewomen or filmmakers first. They have so effortlessly bound the art of latter with the beauty of the former that there are no clear lines of distinction. Their films capture the magic of the Arabian horse like no other and having produced a number of world-class featurettes, Path to Glory: The Rise & Rise of the Polish Arabian Horse is their first feature-length film on the Arabian horse, and one that is long overdue.
— Samantha Mattocks, Editor - The Arabian Magazine
The movie Path to Glory is a beautiful worldwide tribute to Polish history and traditions. I highly appreciate your commitment to propagating the unique cultural phenomenon of the Polish Arabian Horse. Images depicting crucial moments in Poland’s history incorporated in the film make the work ever more valuable.
— Radowslaw Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs Poland in a letter to filmmakers, August 2011
This film is a treasury of information on the history of the Arabian horse breeding from its very beginnings. The historical theme is interwoven with interviews with authorities on breeding... and of course a whole plethora of directors of the State Studs and people associated with Arabian horses...
All in all this film is an achievement on a world scale and will serve for endless years as a document about the contribution of Poland to the worldwide breeding of Arabian horses.
— Jerzy "George" Zbyskewski in "Araby", Vol 21
I’m not a horse person. I’ve never owned a horse. I’ve ridden one a few times. And by ridden, I mean I’ve white-knuckle-clutched the reins of a sleepy pony as it plods around a small ring. But these horses made me want to be a horse person, to live, breathe, ride, and be around these animals day and night. And once I learned about their history. I was hooked. Am hooked.
— Justine Jablonska in The Cosmopolitan Review, March 2011
What public television’s guru of history documentaries Ken Burns did for the Civil War and baseball, Jen Miller and Sophie Dia Pegrum have done in their intelligent, coherent, photogenic, and beautifully-produced documentary on the history of the Polish Arabian and its survival amid the ravages of war and turmoil. I urge anyone with an interest in the breed, or the effect of geo-political systems on national identity and history, to check it out.
— LA Pomeroy - International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists