ITEMS NEEDED TO COMPLETE PRODUCTION ON STALLION OF A DREAM. Have a look-- maybe you can help us out!

STOCK and ARCHIVAL MATERIALS (Access/Reduced Cost)

  • Adolfo Diary— Camarillo Ranch
  • Archival photos from Ventura County Museum 
  • Wax Cylinder recordings/Vacquero items from Southwest/Autry Museum
  • Archival automobile photos— Petersen Automotive Museum
  • Tournament of Roses Archives
  • Intl Olympic Committee Archives (LA 1932 Opening Ceremony)
  • Oakland Museum— Painting Vacquero on White Horse
  • Reagan Library— Reagan on Camarillo White Horse
  • Santa Barbara and Ventura Newspapers— various articles & photos
  • Stock—California golden hillsides studded with oaks— stock aerial
  • Stock—Vintage passenger train/station 
  • Stock—Vintage San Francisco/Palm Court
  • Stock—Vintage cars in California
  • Stock—Vintage farming


  • Rose Parade 2017— reduced entry fees
  • Rose Parade 2017- Press passes/Film Permit
  • Filming at the Ranch House— 2-3 days access
  • Santa Paula Train Station/ Fillmore train- 1 day
  • Camarillo cathedral/ family plot- 1 day
  • Adolfo Statue Camarillo


  • Drone Camera & Operator (2 days)
  • Narrator— (male, Hispanic)  preferably celebrity actor for VO
  • Recording Studio/ Mix
  • Period costumes (for girls in the Ranch House, Meliton in the Red dress with the children on pots & pans, Adolfo and Isabel courtship, etc.)
  • Travel— airline tickets for interviews in Virginia, Oklahoma
  • Classic convertible for driving shots with Harold through Camarillo (process trailer?)